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Services and performance of a heating construction firm

When constructing a new building, or when renovating buildings, the heating construction firm is an important partner in the craft industry. These companies have experienced staff able of creating heating systems of all kinds, because of their substantial education. These companies view themselves as service companies for the private, commercial and public sectors. Specialist companies in this sector take part in the planning, construction and maintenance of heating systems. This extensive range also includes the hot water supply in buildings. These service companies generally operate regionally. Larger companies work nationwide too and create commercial and business buildings, in cooperation with other trades in the construction industry.

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For large contracts tenders are usually issued. The bidder with the most convincing offer, gets awarded the contract for executing the corresponding services. Special consultants for heating construction, work out the contract document prior to the tender. This contains all the necessary items for the construction of the new heating system. The interested contractor looks at the documents with prices and product descriptions. After that professionals evaluate which offer gets commissioned. This may not always be the cheapest one, as consideration of follow-up costs also play a role. This procedure is common for larger contracts for industry, trade and public institutions. The private client usually requests offers from 2-3 different regional companies in the industry and then chooses the best. It is also customary to commission a company one trusts, and which has good regional references. These procedures apply similarly to other trades as well.

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For the central heating and ventilation fitter, training ends with the professional qualification as a journeyman. This then allows other qualifications. So it is possible to get a Master’s degree after appropriate training. The specialization for service technician can also be done. Furthermore, it is possible to complete technical training. Master craftsman and technician training can be done part-time or full-time. Important knowledge in combustion technology is taught with training. Even extensive skills in pipeline construction are necessary for the heating fitter. The course requires extensive manual skills such as welding, soldering, bending. Even some understanding of electronic and electrical control engineering is necessary. The installed heating systems today are often controlled electronically or by a computer. Sensors detect measured values, which are then compared with the set target values by a control loop.

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